Kory Heart war borned in 2013, as I travel daily to a village called Sajcavillá, which means “the birth of clean water”, located in San Juan Sacatepéquez. On my way through other villages, I was impressed by the beauty and colorful of the local güipiles. I realized that only women used them now and very few girls and teenagers did. Then I thought: What could I do to preserve this beautiful art? There is where the idea of creating bags came from. Handbags and clutches! So women will continue to keep mayan art around the world. As a woman, mother and grandmother I value this very much, and then it is when my adventure began, in helping these communities. This fills our hearts with love and excitement for a better future.

Something I discovered in me was my ability to create, which has no limits. It definitely comes from the inspiring mayan women, I can feel how that art flows in our hands and I love it. I strongly believe that now is our moment.

It is very exciting to share my designs with the world and at the same time help a community that needs it so much! All inspired by the beauty of Guatemala, its nature and also giving fair value to what is done by the artisans and weavers of this rural area. Fair trade: Dignified and edifying work, for an amazing group of women given by someone, somewhere in the world wearing what we have created based on fashion, quality, design and most importantly: love.

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